School Counseling Staff

2011-2012 Counselor Assignments

Holland House:  Victoria Lipinski,  (781) 397-6012,

Boyle House:  Erin Craven,  (781) 397-6022,

Jenkins House: Ann O’Connor,  (781) 397-6032,

Brunelli House:  Susan Lessard,  (781) 397-6042,

9th Grade (Holland and Boyle House):

Heather Northrop(781) 397-6073,

9th Grade (Jenkins and Brunelli House)

Matthew Sadowski (781) 397-6052,

Director of Guidance, Testing and Academic Support:

Manjula Karamcheti, (781) 397-6005,

Graduation, Promotion, Success (GPS) Grant Navigator:

Caitlin Delesky, (781) 397-6075,

College and Career Center Staff

Sara Cummings, Mercedes McCurdy, Taryn Belowski (781) 397-6337

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